In order to rollout a successful mobile or wireless solution all of the system components need to be configured, staged and kitted. When the end-user receives their solution everything should be ready to go, clearly marked and documented in a single concise package.

The initial experience a user has in taking a new solution out of the box and setting it up, in preparation for use, creates a lasting impression and constitutes an important aspect of the total user experience. Integrated Solutions Configuration and Staging Services can provide all of the necessary elements to create the best out-of-box experience for your users.

Services include:

  • Receiving, Handling and Staging of Product
  • Storage of Product for Roll Out Period
  • Asset Tagging and Tracking, Custom Labeling
  • Integration of System Components
  • Battery Charging and Conditioning
  • Complete Diagnostics and Testing
  • Native Software Management
  • Software Loading and Testing
  • Repackaging and Certification of the System
  • Custom Shipping and Return Packaging
  • Quick Reference Guides, FAQs and Laminated Instruction Sheets
  • WWAN Services Provisioning and Activation