Your mobile or wireless solution is a critical part of your business. Having the right spares available when you need them can save your company both time and money. Integrated Solutions Depot Service integrates material planning, logistics, warehousing, transportation, vendor management, and repair into one fully scalable solution with a single point of contact.

When your mobile or wireless system requires repair, our Depot Service Center can help ensure the most efficient, convenient service with minimal downtime.

Services include:

  • Spare Pool Storage and Management
  • Communicate Units and Recondition Batteries
  • Clean, Diagnose and Perform Remedial Repairs
  • Maintenance Facilitation
  • Asset Repair Logging, Tracking and Reporting
  • Pull, Prep, Ship and Track Replacement Units
  • Repair Verification and Unit Configuration & Staging
  • Track, Manage and Facilitate the Return of Broken Equipment
  • Distribution of System Accessories and Consumables